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Claudy and Dungiven Recycling Centres

We were appointed the sole suppliers of pre-mix concrete, screed and blocks for these centres constructed by William Doherty ConstructionĀ on behalf of Derry and Limavady councils respectively. Our blocks were used to construct the offices with our pre-mix concrete predominantly being used in shuttering to produce bays for the different types of refuge as well as the yard around them. It was also used for kerbing.

Tyrone Energy: Wood-Chip Turbine

This renewable project produces electricity by burning wood chips to heat water, producing steam which powers a turbine. Our Pre-Mix concrete was used at every stage of the project from the construction of a weir to provide water for the turbine to the tanks used to store this water. For the tanks we used Water-Proof Concrete. Concrete was also used in the foundations for the shed which housed the turbine as well as for the floors and yard that surround it.


Ian Buchanan: Milk Parlour

We were the sole supplier of Pre-Mix concrete and Concrete Blocks for this project. The project consisted of a 40,000 sqf shed to accommodate a new rotary milk parlour and two large silage pits which sat adjacent.
Our Pre-Mix concrete was used to provide walls for the under floor tanks, the walls of the shed and the walls of the silage pits using the method of shuttering. Our concrete was also used for the floors of the tanks, silage pit and the cubicles and passages within the shed, as well as the foundations for the whole project. Our concrete blocks were used for the dividing walls within the shed



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